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Northern Options for Women is located in International Falls, MN. Our free center is here to provide current information on pregnancy issues such as abortion, parenting, adoption, prenatal health and reproductive health. We can help you make healthy and empowering choices that will positively influence your life. If you are pregnant or think you might be, we can help.
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Our Services

Pregnancy Testing

Free of cost pregnancy tests, call or stop by.


Free if cost first trimester ultrasounds available, just call us.

Parenting Classes

NOFW offers classes for all parents including grandparents. Stop by or call.

Options Education

Find out what your options are regarding your pregnancy. Stop by for information or videos and talk with an advocate.

Earn While You Learn

Our Earn While You Learn program equips you to have a healthy pregnancy. Our parenting classes prepare you to become the parent you want to be and we also provide material assistance for you and your baby. We have crib vouchers, pack-n-plays for safe sleep, and baby items (such as clothing, blankets, furniture). Your advocate can become the support you need as you begin parenting. We’re here for you!


While we do our best to provide our clients with as many services as possible, we have developed relationships with other agencies who are experts in their fields. If we are not able to serve a particular need, we can refer you to professionals in the area when that is best.

Men's Services

At Northern Options for Women, we appreciate how important fathers are in their children’s lives. Fathers are encouraged to attend parenting classes, too! They can attend either with their partner or alone. Come in and equip yourself to be the dad you always imagined you would be!

Prenatal Care

In addition to our general pregnancy services, we also provide prenatal care to women throughout the length of their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests

An unplanned pregnancy can be a scary thing and can throw all your plans into disarray. However, before deciding on those crucial next steps, it is important to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. We provide free pregnancy tests, as well as guidance and information you may need once you obtain your results. Please schedule an appointment today to get the answers you need.

Ultrasound Referrals

Following a positive pregnancy test result, an ultrasound is the recommended next step. Through an ultrasound, you will be able to learn several important pieces of information regarding both the age of the pregnancy and the health of both you and your baby.

Options Advocates

If you are unsure what to do with your pregnancy, come in, we’ll talk! Our non-directive, non-judgmental advocates will help you explore all your options so you can make the best choice for you! You’ve got this and we’ve got your back. Here at Northern Options for Women, our staff will advocate for you and your pregnancy needs and walk alongside you even after your baby is born.

After Abortion Support

Are you struggling to move past an abortion you’ve had? You are not alone. We are here for you. We have a volunteer who is trained in walking you through the feelings you have after an abortion. Come find the healing you seek.

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